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The Evolution of Public Relations: Is it Still Important Today?

by Will Powell on 01/08/2013

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Public relations have always been a requirement for any business. It is a way for a business to become personal with its clients. It is also a way for businesses to introduce themselves to potential clients.


Public relations can be traced back hundreds of years. When businesses started to group together in towns and community areas, each business needed to distinguish itself over the other. Some handed out free samples of their product while others handed out tokens of appreciation. Some created “flyers” that introduced themselves to the public, while others began to actively advertise by sending out representatives into the area to introduce the business to the locals.

Public relations has continued to develop since its early beginnings, even though many of the relationship building tools described above are still used today.

Public Relations And The Internet Age

The Internet has changed the way that public relations are handled. While local PR is still very “hands-on,” the Internet requires specific PR techniques if a broad audience is to be addressed. The most common form of Internet public relations in Atlanta and elsewhere is social media.

Social media provides a way for businesses to become very personal with their clients. Businesses can use this platform to:

• Introduce The Company

• Display Company Morals (such as eco-friendly causes)

• Create A Place To Interact With Clients

• Promote New Products

• Offer Specials

• Receive Feedback

As a whole, people have developed a desire to shop on the Internet. They enjoy the availability of products and services that can be reached online. However, as human beings, their disconnect felt by the interaction with a computer instead of another person leaves a void that must be filled. This is where the social media aspect of public relations steps in and helps create a more human touch for the company.

Many Benefits Of Public Relations

There are numerous benefits to public relations that exceed client interaction. A good PR campaign can generate support for a cause that is important to the company. A great campaign can take a new product or service and make it a household name.

Public relations can also help a company that has suffered hard times. Sometimes there are unavoidable events that cause a business to lose credibility. Perhaps an employee caused reputation damage or a product was defective. These types of events can destroy a company, even if the event was truly an accident.

A PR firm can even take damaging events and change perceptions of them around to draw sympathy from the public and reestablish trust for the company. Through many techniques, public relations can repair and improve a company’s image, helping it rebound from an unfortunate event.

In many ways, public relations have not changed over the years. People still enjoy free samples and tokens of appreciation. The public still enjoys a good advertising campaign. However, the Internet has brought about many additional requirements for this aspect of business, and businesses must take advantage of all the benefits this will bring to their company.

Knowing the ever expanding influence of social media, Will Powell seeks to bring awareness to ways it can be integrated into public relations campaigns.  Roundtree Group is a multifaceted communications agency that specializes in digital public relations in Atlanta as well as other creative approaches to close the communication gap between businesses and their target audience.



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