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Gordon Duff Discloses Alleged Reality Of UFO’s & Aliens

by Editor State of Globe on 06/04/2013

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Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne... Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, New Jersey Edited version of Image:PurportedUFO NewJersey 1952 07 31.gif. By Bach01. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gordon Duff Discloses Reality Of UFO’s & Aliens – YouTube
.  The interview you will see further down here with the intel expert and writer Gordon Duff from “Veterans Today” must be taken “as is”. What he tells about here is so “far off” that it is extremely hard to believe it. But as we look around us today we see things that would be totally unbelievable just a couple of years ago, so who knows?
We see so many strange things happening out there now, and a lot of it is on video. Videos may be manipulated, and many of them are, maybe most. But so much is still to be seen that we probably should listen when even the Vatican is talking openly about “outer world” beings. So far I have never heard anyone we may suspect is “in the know” though being as open av Duff is here. Even though I also know him at times to be sending out this info, I am sure here. There are so many other things that some day may prove him right. I advice you strongly to think for yourself here, and read your Bible. Especially Genesis and about the “Sons of God”.

You should anyway think if this is info you want to hear before you start the video.


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