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The potential real truth about Greek debt and what really has to be covered after the default gets worse every day. One may really wonder what the coming week will look like? The legendary trader and investor Jim Sinclair says that the global ((CDS)) (debt insurance) value is 37 trillion dollars. The number comes from ((Bank of International Settlements)), the centralbank of the centralbanks. He expects half of it to be connected to Greece. 

That he expects half of it connected to Greece I guess says everything about what really must have happened the the “crib of democracy”. The casinos in Las Vegas have obviously become too small for the players, and Greece for so far some unknown reason became the centre of one of the biggest con games the world has ever seen? The very ugly truth is finally surfacing, after just a few small medias were questioning the information coming out in the ours after the default?

It is hard to tell what may happen in the days to come, but just seeing some real numbers presented by the great financial website should say enough of what we need to hear. The writer Durden shows how the real new and hidden debt is at least 279 billions Euros, and that may just be the beginning? The stories we were told in the big medias after the default were obviously pure BS. What the next days and weeks may come up with is very hard to say, but the information we are given here is definitely is not a pretty sight into the future. My most important question ahead of this new week is when real hyperinflation will arrive, at least in the countries that will be hardest affected by this miserable situation?

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