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English: The City of London skyline as viewed ...

English: The City of London skyline as viewed toward the north-west from the top floor viewing platform of London City Hall on the southern side of the Thames. In the foreground: Dixie Queen and Millennium Time at Tower Millennium Pier. This is a 5 segment panoramic image taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Did you know that the City of London is the world’s financial capital? That Washington DC is the world’s military capital, and that the Vatican is the world’s religious capital? And that all these three geographic limited places are sovereign entities in the countries we find them?

If you know this, have you thought about what it really must mean for the world? This little video is the best I have seen in terms of four minutes to explain what we are talking about. It shows that the three cities (in the cities) are privately held corporations/city-states, physically located in a nation.

If you have some extra patience and interest in this subject you can have a significant in depth introduction to this here, with much more of the historical background etc. For those who are interested are very much worth it.

Private Banking
Why is this so important now? The English king William II, as early as nine years after The ((Wars of the Roses)), in 1694 transferred the British Empire’s central bank the Bank of England to private interests. This became the start of the private banking system and gave the private owners ever greater power over the world. A power that is illustrated very well through the extreme world power given to these three city states, and a power we all can see every day. Watch the little movie. He it is illustrated in a very good, albeit limited way.

The three city-states really belong together like hand and glove in the management of the world, and even what is happening in the Middle East and Asia must be viewed in conjunction with them. If one is to understand nothing of world history it has to be precisely the role of these three have and had.

The Fourth Reich
An interesting point is that the Bible says the fourth kingdom (Roman Empire) will last until Jesus comes back. How can this happen if it is true that this kingdom is the Roman Empire? The Empire disappeared in all practical sense around year 450 after Christ, did it not?  The more formal breakup in the late 1400s, after the several hundres years of fights and wars between Rome and their many Holy Roman Emperors. Especially the German and English ones. But why did they call them “Holy Roman ..”. Think about that.

The Pope rules UK
As far as I can see we find part of the answer in this transition from the Roman Empire to the papacy. When Pope Innocent III, after a long conflict with the English King John, gained control in England in 1215 the world we had known so far changed more than any official history tells us.

Strangely enough it is quite clearly written here in Wikipedia, and if you work a little you will find copies/texts etc. of old documents on the web.

The truth seems to be that Vatican since 1215 had a hand on the wheel in England. Their seat is the global financial main “fortress” Crown of London, which is located in City Of London. Thus, in reality the British Empire is a continuation of the Roman Empire. Crown of London, according to the late British journalist Christopher Story is located in “The Temple” near Victoria Embankment. The Crown is not the English monarchy, but in reality the masters of the same monarchy.

Hidden truth
Can anyone explain why hardly anyone speaks out in the open about these seemingly facts? If half of this is true, and most of it most definitely seems to be true we cannot understand anything of world history?

Almost all of the Founding Fathers of the United States used the title ((Esquire)), which is a household title in London. Used by men on a certain level.

Many who know this fact are asking about how real the American liberation in 1776 was? Was it still the Pope’s Crown of London who held the reins? For those who are interested there may be a lot of interesting findings in the wake of this.

New Atlantis?
Personally I have not fully concluded with what I believe, about the relationship between the Crown of London and the United States. But I’m no stranger to the thought of the Pope having more control than some think. I am also thinking about the sir Francis Bacon writing the book “New Atlantis”, which some thinks is the blueprint for what the secret societies wanted to make in the New World. Bacon was a famous Rosicrucian member, a mystic secret society.

True Americans
No matter the truth I firmly believe that the Founding Fathers became very devoted and true Americans. And that whoever were their original masters in Europe reacted strongly on losing control of this New World. There is good reason to believe that we may find the truth about a lot of suffering on the American continent in the possibility of the Founding Fathers leaving their original masters, to replace them with The Constitution and the American Dream.

Pope is still in control?
Coming back to the Pope, as a religious head he neither can nor will have any formal grip on world politics. But knowing history I believe we may assume he anyway wants to make sure that the church has this hard grip he thinks it should have.  Do we have any reason whatsoever to think that the Popes since 1215 ever have given up the control Pope Innocent III got over the British Empire?

A control which in all sense of the word makes the British Empire a continuation of “The Fourth Reich”, the Roman Empire? An empire described in both Book of Daniel (Chapter 7) and Book of Revelation (Chapter 13) in the Christian Bible.

While mentioning this, has anyone asked themselves why the nazis always were working to become “The Fourth Reich” (The Fourth Empire)? The fight for the status of The Fourth Kingdom seems to be right at the core of all world history.

History of Banking
It is obviously the role of the Pope through his grip on London that is now being challenged very strongly by so far unknown forces in the financial world. But apparently we are talking about powerful former militaries and intelligence people and dynastic families in Asia. They all seem to have become very tired at the Crown of London’s seemingly never ending greed and their theft of gold. These people do not seem too happy either with the progress toward a world government. Nations as we know them will cease to exist under this rule.

I think you could get a very good idea of who these families might be if you read this document, History of Banking. Ask yourself where all the gold in the world seems to be? You may get interesting answers after reading this document.