American Jews and Israeli Defense Experts Support Iran Deal

Source: Washington’s Blog

Polls show that American Jews overwhelmingly support the deal with Iran. For example, the Christian Science Monitor noted last November:

84 percent of American Jews would favor either strongly or somewhat a deal with Iran that would alleviate tough sanctions on the Iranian economy in exchange for Iran’s agreement to
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Varoufakis faces charges over ‘Plan B’ parallel payment system

Source: Russia Today
Preview The former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis could stand trial on charges of intending to hack the accounts of taxpayers. Greece’s Supreme Court has forwarded complaints filed by a prosecutor and a mayor to parliament.
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National Geographic is the propaganda arm of Monsanto, the world’s most evil corporation

Source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) Never in a million years would people think Bill Nye “the Science Guy” — who once questioned genetically modified foods and urged against them — would declare his love for altering genes. Yet after a meeting with the agricultural biotech giant, he announced that he…

British House of Lords deputy speaker Baron John Sewel resigns after leaked video shows him snorting coke off prostitutes

Source: Signs of the Times
Scotland Yard has been called in to investigate the deputy speaker of the House of Lords after a video emerged of him allegedly snorting cocaine with prostitutes. Lord Sewel resigned from his £84,500 per year post after the video was leaked to the Sun newspaper and published in an expose on
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Breakout from the controlled ordinary mind

Source: Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Breakout from the controlled ordinary mind

by Jon Rappoport

July 28, 2015

When I was about to release my collection, Exit From The Matrix, I wrote several introductions. Here is one I didn’t publish. It shows how seriously I take what others consider a merely “quirky tendency” of humans to imagine a better and different future for themselves and this piece of space called Earth:

“Suppose everything that is happening in the human world is taking place in a synthetic space, a grossly reduced arena; and suppose you could stand outside that space and look
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Trouble In The Bonds Pits: Energy Junk Plunging, M&A Deals Flying

Source: David Stockman’s Contra Corner
Riskiest junk bonds at the margin blow up, fireworks spread inward.

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