The 1 Rule Of The Internet (And Life)

Source: Activist Post
By Truth Never Told You might be surprised by the number one rule for the Internet and life. Are you aware and prepared? Visit Get Silver and Gold here

Bill Gross Explains (In 90 Seconds) How It’s All A Big Shell Game

Source: Zero Hedge

“There is no doubt that the price of assets right now is a question mark… and ultimately when Central Banks stop manipulating markets where that price goes is up for grabs… and probably points down


As Gross tweeted…

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Reform in Costa Rica signals new strategy against lethal epidemic

Source: The Center for Public Integrity

In an unprecedented measure to combat a deadly kidney disease that is devastating agricultural workers in Central America, the president of Costa Rica announced a national regulation to limit heat stress and dehydration among manual laborers.

The new rule, made public on July 25, represents the first time that a
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Pakistan and Afghani Refugees

Source: New Eastern Outlook

503f137c6The problem of Afghan refugees in Pakistan has lasted for several decades. For the first time, world media started talking loudly about three million Afghans who passed through the Hindu Kush to the territory of Pakistan in the early 1980s. In those years, Soviet troops were deployed in Afghanistan and the flow of Afghans to the south, to Pakistan, was increasing.

But the question of refugees dates back to the distant 1960s. Since then it has become one of the key
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‘Glyphosate is definitely genotoxic,’ declares WHO scientist who authored Roundup cancer study

Source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) One of the lead scientists who helped conduct the World Health Organization (WHO) study on Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide that determined the chemical to be “probably carcinogenic” has now gone on record saying that glyphosate is “definitely genotoxic.”Professor Christopher…

Meanwhile In Venezuela… The Socialist Paradise Has Arrived

Source: Zero Hedge

As we recently warned, the hyperinflationary collapse in Venezuala is reaching its terminal phase. With inflation soaring at least 65%, murder rates the 2nd highest in the world, and chronic food (and toilet paper shortages), the following disturbing clip
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