Violent Street Gangs Launch Shocking Contest: “Kill 100 People In 100 Days”



crips-bloods-colors(Pictured: Trademark colors of the Crips and Bloods street gangs, who wear blue and red respectively. Photo Credit Flickr)

Two Los Angeles gangs have launched a sick contest betting on who
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“The Richest Man Who Ever Lived”

By Edward Chancellor Modern German bankers have somewhat tarnished reputations. In the past decade, when they weren’t snapping up subprime securities on Wall Street, they busied themselves lending to the Greek government at rates only slightly above their own government’s matchless credit. It wasn’t always this way. Some 500 years ago, the
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The 2015 Untrustworthies Report——Why Social Security Could Be Bankrupt In 12 Years

Source: David Stockman’s Contra Corner
The so-called “trustees” of the social security system issued their annual report last week and the stenographers of the financial press dutifully reported that the day of reckoning when the trust funds run dry has
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Chinese Stocks Tumble In Close Of Trading “Causing Panic”, US GDP To Be Revised Higher On Seasonal Adjustments

Source: Zero Hedge

We start off the overnight wrap up with the usual place, China, where in a mirror image of Wednesday’s action, stocks once again started off uneventful, then gradually rose in the afternoon session and meandered near unchanged territory until the
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CCRKBA Lauds Texas’ ‘Pistol Packin’ Pastor’ Who Stopped Burglar

Source: Canada Free Press
BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today noted that a church shooting this week in Texas will be difficult for anti-gunners to exploit, because it involved an armed pastor who stopped an electronics thief in the act.

Watch This Woman Demonstrate How To Stop Police Violence

Source: Activist Post
By Amanda Warren RT America obtained some raw footage of officers beating a man at Target in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn on Saturday night. The man was identified by The Daily News as…

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