The World’s First Billionaire Author

J.K. Rowling, author of the “Harry Potter” series, turns 50 years old today. Rowling had an estimated net worth of more than $1 billion in 2014, according to the Sunday Times’ UK Rich List, the result of her book sales, films and related products. In addition to publishing seven “Harry Potter” novels
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Iran FM urges ‘nuclear’ Israel, other states to disarm

Source: The Times of Israel
Zarif says arms elimination treaty for WMD-free Mideast urgently needed; slams Israel for ‘absurd, alarmist’ campaign against nuke deal

Obama’s “Safe Zone” in Syria Will Inflame the War Zone

Source: Global Research
The road to war is paved with a thousand lies. A fresh fib was tossed on the lie-cluttered warpath to Syria, when it was announced that the U.S. and Turkey would create a “safe zone”
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Handicapped people concerned that legalization of physician-assisted suicide would eventually target them for “voluntary euthanasia”

Source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) The so-called “death with dignity” movement faces mounting challenges from a growing segment of society that sees it as a slippery slope towards “voluntary euthanasia.” Patients who perceive that their quality of life is irrevocable might opt to end their lives prematurely…

Iran confirms meteor hit

Source: Signs of the Times
Iran has confirmed that a meteor has hit somewhere in the northern part of the country. The meteor landed in Avaj in the province of Qazvin, Mohammad Ali Ahani, director of Qazvin Crisis Management Staff said, Mehr news agency reported July 31. Also, there have been reports that some pieces of rock
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Thomas Sowell: Both parties irresponsible in dealing with immigration issues

Source: Infowars
There’s been too much rhetoric and not enough facts in the immigration debate, says Thomas Sowell.

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