Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

Source: Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

by Jon Rappoport

August 2, 2015

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“When people say, ‘Follow the money,’ they forget that modern culture itself is about dollars, and where the big money goes tells you a great deal about the culture and its legalized crimes against the population. This isn’t hard to understand. It’s like saying, ‘The vampires who sell war do it for profit.’ And lo and behold, war and violence are a centerpiece of our culture. If you don’t understand that, just
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Corruption is Legal in the USA

Source: Washington’s Blog

A well-done animated guide to the 2014 study (often cited by Washington’s Blog) conducted by teams of researchers out of Princeton and Northwestern, looking at whether the US population can influence public policy.  This is the largest study of the topic to date, looking at nearly 2,000 policy
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Walt Disney experts rebut dogged anti-Semitic allegations

Source: The Times of Israel
In upcoming documentary about the filmmaker, former employees, researchers dismiss claims Mickey Mouse create hated Jews

The Surveillance State Goes Mainstream: Windows 10 Is Watching (& Logging) Everything

Source: Zero Hedge

If Edward Snowden's patriotic exposure of all things 'super secret surveillance state' in America were not enough, Newsweek reports that, as 10s of millions of hungry PC users download the free upgrade, Windows 10 is watching – and logging
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Saudi Arabia: When the Rubicon is Crossed

Source: New Eastern Outlook

090619135340Things that are happening in Saudi Arabia evoke memories of and prompt one to analyze once again the notorious map of the so-called New Middle East, produced by US Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. At first glance, the new map seemed to be nothing more than some chimeras of a retired soldier. However, as is known, Mr. Peters has close ties with a number of influential funds and acts at the order of his patron, the Pentagon. And, as the famous saying
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Planned Parenthood sells fully intact baby corpses after delivering them whole

Source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) In a new bombshell allegation, the head of the undercover organization currently exposing Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish practice of harvesting aborted baby body parts and selling them for profit through a series of videos says a tissue firm trying to block new video…
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