Presenting Jeremy Grantham’s “10 Topics To Ruin Your Summer”

Source: Zero Hedge

When last we checked in with Jeremy Grantham, the GMO co-founder was still bubble watching, reiterating his outlook from November that although stocks can always go higher in the “strange, manipulated world” that we call the “new paranormal”,
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Hillary tries to defend Planned Parenthood, ends up calling for investigations into entire abortion

Source: Canada Free Press
Hillary Clinton is a big Planned Parenthood booster, and the feeling is mutual. Back in 2009, Hillary was the recipient of something Planned Parenthood calls the “Margaret Sanger Award.” We don’t really care what it’s supposed to represent (presumably it has something to do with racism and eugenics) but it’s
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Least Transparent Ever – IRS Used “Wholly Separate” Instant Messaging System to Hide Communications

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.53.22 PM

Barack Obama promised to have the “most transparent administration ever,” but as with pretty much every other promise he’s made over the years, the exact opposite is what has occurred.

From Hillary Clinton using her own private email
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The hidden weed killer in your BREAD: Commercial wheat doused with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide right before harvest… and you’re eating it!

Source: Natural News

(NaturalNews) Now that the World Health Organization has publicly condemned glyphosate herbicide as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” awareness of this insidious chemical’s contamination of the human food supply is suddenly exploding among health-conscious consumers.Most people…

Canada is a Tinpot Dictatorship

Source: Activist Post
By James Corbett O Canada! The land of Mounties and beavers and hockey and…hate speech tribunals? Yes, it’s no secret that Canada is no friend of free speech, and as citizens get fined for…

4 Mainstream Media Articles Mocking Gold That Should Make You Think

Source: Zero Hedge

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

For those of you who have been reading my stuff since all the way back to my Wall Street years at Sanford Bernstein, thanks for staying along for the ride. I
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