After Testing the Technology, NASDAQ Will Use Bitcoin Blockchain

Source: Liberty Blitzkrieg

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Most of you probably heard several months ago that NASDAQ planned to test Bitcoin technology within its business. It now appears the exchange will be rolling it out live in the fourth quarter, partnering with Chain.

From Bloomberg:

Nasdaq OMX
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The Non-Nuclear Challenges of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran

Source: Canada Free Press
In addition to its direct implications for the nuclear realm, the signed agreement between Iran and the world powers on Iran’s nuclear program creates a host of far-reaching challenges for Israel. These challenges concern primarily the Palestinian and Syrian arenas, the delegitimization arena, and Israel’s special relationship with the United
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New Legislation Would Place Breathalyzers in All New Cars: “Drunk Driving Demands Bold Action”



As time goes on, cars are becoming less of a symbol of freedom and status, and more like automated golf carts that coddle their drivers. Every other year they add more features that take the driver’s ability Read more…

Bill Fleckenstein – China’s Stock Market Crash, QE4, Central Planner Moves And The War In Gold, Plus A Bonus Q&A

Source: Kings World News

On the heels of China’s stock market crashing another 8.5 percent overnight, today one of the greats in the business sent King World News a fantastic piece discussing the implications of the crash, QE4, what the central planners are up to, plus a remarkable bonus Q&A that covers gold and
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Turkey’s Call For “Safe Zones” In Syria Are Based On Problem Turkey Helped Create

Source: Activist Post
By Brandon Turbeville As Turkey continues to bomb inside Syria and Iraq against alleged ISIS targets and PKK Iraqi Kurds, and as the NATO Article 4 meeting looms over the Middle East, Turkey has…

NantKwest IPO: Here’s What Investors Need to Know

On Thursday July 16th, NantKwest (NASDAQ/NK), a healthcare provider producing cancer therapies, filed its initial public offering (IPO) documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Here’s what investors need to know about the upcoming NantKwest IPO.
Who is NantKwest?
NantKwest is the 51st healthcare company to go public this year, yet its post-IPO valuation could shatter industry records. The company was previously known as Conkwest Inc. and is headquartered in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California.
What is NantKwest’s Business

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