NEP Group, Inc. IPO: What Investors Need to Know

On June 29, 2015, NEP Group, Inc. filed documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in preparation for its upcoming initial public offering (IPO). The company plans to begin trading on July 31, 2015. Here’s what investors need to know about the NEP Group IPO.
Who is NEP Group, Inc.?
NEP Group, Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based company that sells to network television broadcasters and event producers. They handle the outsourced production of a variety of sports, entertainment, and broadcast programs.
What is NEP’s Business Model?

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Chinese Stocks Extend Yesterday’s Plunge Despite Regulators “Asking” Insurers To Stop “Net Sales”

Source: Zero Hedge

Following last night's afternoon session plungefest (with ChiNext's biggest drop in a month), as it appeared the government experimented with 'free' markets briefly, regulators have "asked" insurance companies to be "net sellers" of stocks going forward. With margin debt dropping
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Sounds of War: Navy Warplanes Producing Deadly Noise Around US Bases

Source: Global Research
A Navy e-18 “Growler” jet refuels while in midair, June 15, 2010. The noise produced by Growlers averages at 81 decibels inside a home, which is louder than the noise level averaged by heavy truck
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An Economist Looks at Deflategate

The Data in the Wells Report
By Russell Roberts I’m biased. I’m a Patriots fan. I wanted the Wells Report to exonerate the Patriots, their staff, and their quarterback. It did not. The question remains as to whether it’s accurate. There are many damning facts in the Wells Report. Texts. Unexpected bathroom adventures.
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Donald Trump’s Soaring Popularity “Is The Country’s Collective Middle Finger To Washington”

Source: Zero Hedge

Submitted by Paul Brodsky, via,

Donald Trump’s ascendance as the early GOP front-runner is symbolic of a greater global trend: growing pushback against institutional political and economic power.

To many centrist politicians and mainstream political observers, Donald
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Forget whether $100 silver is possible, how about $1000?

Source: SGT Report

Silver will be appreciably higher by 2020 relative to where we now reside in 2015.

by Avi Gilburt, Market Watch:

I don’t know of many charts out there that a bullish investor since 2011 would look at with more disgust than the
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