The deadly attack on US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, could have been prevented if Washington had not allowed arms shipment to reach al-Qaeda-linked militants, said a group launched to unearth truth behind the 2012 ordeal.Read Full Article at

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Floods of molten lava may sound like the stuff of apocalyptic theorists, but history is littered with evidence of such past events where vast lava outpourings originating deep in the Earth accompany the breakup of continents.

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law today what supporters call a historic victory for the Second Amendment.
The new law, called the “Safe Carry Protection Act”, vastly expands where guns will be allowed in the state.
As of July 1st, licensed gun owners in Georgia and visitors from 28 other states will be allowed to bring a gun into a bar without restrictions and carry a firearm into some government buildings. Under the law, school districts will be able to decide whether they want some employees to carry a firearm, and religious leaders can decide whether to allow licensed gun owners

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First it was concerns over whether Ukraine would ‘steal’ gas supplies bound for Europe as it passed through pipelines in the country and now, as bills remain unpaid, a Transneft unit is threatening to halt Ukraine oil products supply due to pipeline theft. *TRANSNEFT COMMENTS ON OIL PRODUCTS PIPELINE IN UKRAINE *TRANSNEFT MAY STOP WORK OF PRIKARPATZAPADTRANS PIPELINE SYSTEM *TRANSNEFT: $62.7M IN OIL STOLEN FROM UKRAINE PIPE OVER 5 YRS As Bloomberg reports, 57.9k tons of oil products have been lost from theft in Ukraine and “Transneft expresses hope that

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